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South Wales Hanwell Distributor

Gwentec are the South Wales Hanwell Distributor, speak to us if you are interested in installing a new Hanwell EMS system at your site. If you already have a Hanwell installation and require new sensors or technical support then also speak to us. Hanwell EMS is a very powerful environmental monitoring system and our experience in the pharmaceutical industry has allowed us to work with most versions of the Hanwell software from Radiolog to Synergy to Notion to Hanwell EMS.


Hanwell is wireless battery powered environmental monitoring system. These units transmit their readings to a base station which can then send data to a local server PC on site or to an external cloud based server managed by Hanwell. Users can then monitor live data and look at historical data using any device capable of running a modern browser (i.e. the device you’re currently viewing this website on).

The system can be setup to trigger local alarms when a transmitter records readings that are outside user specified limits. The system can also send out emails on alarms or even SMS text messages*

The system can be set to automatically produce reports of selected groups of transmitters within a particular area (e.g a warehouse). The report can be scheduled to print out at the same time each week.

If you have a large site and would like environmental monitoring then we can help. We not only supply Hanwell wireless loggers but we also install and calibrate the units on site. We can also offer technical support and training as we have worked with the Hanwell units and software since 2011.

*additional hardware required for SMS feature.

For more details Contact us alternatively see Hanwell’s website for more information here


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