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Control Panel Design and manufacture

Gwentec has considerable experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke control systems. Our panel design can be as simple as pure relay control to complex PLC and HMI and solutions. We have extensive experience with Siemens PLC and HMI products but can use any manufacture’s PLCs as over the years we’ve had the privilege of using a wide variety of systems.

We can work with you to arrive at a final design based on a broad outline or a detailed user requirement specification.

Our PLC code is fully commented to allow anyone to inspect or approve the implementation.

We release all our PLC code to you when a job is fully commissioned so that you have the freedom to amend the operation as you please and also the code exists on file as a backup. We don’t password protect any code we write for you, it becomes your property when the job is complete.

We can recommend suppliers for internal components of the electrical panel we build but we can also use any supplier you specify.

We’ve designed electrical panels and associated sensors and control equipment to work in a wide variety of situations and conform to an equally wide variety of customer requirements. We consider enclosure IP rating and material selection, Cable protection, both physical and electro-magnetic. We’ve designed systems to deal with outside elements, water jets, acid and caustic environments…you name it and there’s a chance we’ve done it, if not we’ll endeavour to provide a solution; we love a challenge.

Our experience extends beyond simple control panel building and into custom circuit board design.

We also have a lot of experience with upgrading aging control systems, from as simple as replacing one or two components to entire panel redesign.

In order to replace existing control panel designs documentation from the original installer would be required; however in cases where this is not available, it may be possible to reverse engineer this information and even provide you with new electrical drawings from our discovery which can aid you further down the line with future fault finding.

If your site is in need of some automation then give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk through possible solutions over the phone or we can come to your site to get a better idea.

Gwentec systems are currently operating in a number of plants across South Wales and the UK without issue and on the rare occasions that issues do crop up we always make ourselves available.


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